My Daily Happiness and My Pancreas

Does this sound funny? Does one have anything to do with the other? One might think that my happiness is something psychic. And my pancreas is an organ. Where should there be a connection?

Scientists made a sensational discovery: Only if the pancreas has sufficient Serotonin at its disposal, it can work correctly! If there is not enough Serotonin, it will work incompletely and disturbances are the consequence. The pancreas is, among other things, responsible for a correct insulin-preparation, and if only this factor doesn’t work correctly, the consequences are e.g. diabetes. If too much fat is stored in the tissues, it means I will become overweight or if too little fat is stored, I will turn too thin etc.. If my pancreas is such an important organ for my health, if it decides, whether I am diabetic, overweight, underweight, normal weight and much more, from where can I get sufficient Serotonin so this gland can work correctly?
Serotonin is produced by our body and is poured out into the blood circulation and available if we are happy. It is like a “happiness-hormone” which circulates through us, if we are happy. And if we are not happy? Well, then not enough Serotonin is prepared in the metabolism, and the pancreas (and incidentally also other organs) has a problem. But how can I be “happy” in my everyday life? How do I reach a high Serotonin level in the blood? Isn’t it fantastic that science proves it to be so very important for each person – just for physical health – that he/she is experiences happiness frequently and that this happiness is long-lasting. But how can I reach this? One thing is clear: I cannot expect that someone else does this job for me. Only I know what makes me really happy and therefore I must be concerned about this and take care of myself.
So, what makes me really happy in order to give a treat to my pancreas? Exercises, sports to a healthy extent, music, painting, creativity help to achieve a better balance. But the experience shows that, if we include our fellow men, we can experience deeper levels of happiness. But then which person makes me really happy? Do I have somebody who is kind to me? My husband/wife, mother, father, family, neighbors, children? The lady from whom I buy at the market? Fantastic, if you have people around you who care for you in a loving way. Try to experience this consciously and be intensely happy about it. Even if it is just to stimulate the Serotonin production for the pancreas!
And if there is no one? If nobody pleases you? Then, start yourself to bring joy to another human being: you can give away a flower? A smile? A song? Can you help a child with something? Tell him something beautiful, maybe a good story? Can you give something nice? Maybe you can give some time to your neighbor? Maybe you can listen to someone? Certainly, you will think of many more ideas.
Great! Well-done! Your pancreas is happy and becomes healthier and healthier, and your heart is also happy! Oh happy day! And so that all this becomes easier, the practice of Agnihotra has proved itself very effective. It provides you with sufficient strength, endurance, intelligence and also with many ideas for a happy day. And this is the experience of thousands of people who do Agnihotra. And if you want to support this pancreas-training even more, then simply give your pancreas a small affectionate massage three times a day with a mixture of Agnihotra ash powder and Ghee, just to spoil it a little! Enjoy a happy and a healthy day!

Pharmacist Monika Koch is the author of the book: “Homa Therapy – the Ancient Science of Healing”. She has conducted studies with Agnihotra Ash medicines for many years. For more information please visit Monika’s website.

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