Mrs. Varsha B. | Infertility, Protection

Mrs. Varsha B.
Durban, South Africa

     The practice of Agnihotra has brought us many benefits. And reading the testimonials in the HomaHealth Newsletters, have inspired us over the years. We are grateful and blessed to have come to know this ancient knowledge of Agnihotra. Our home is calm and doing and looking at the Agnihotra fire gives us peace of mind.

    I am now 38 years old and we have been trying to conceive for 2 years, but with no success. However, after practicing Agnihotra and applying its ash mixed with ghee on my belly for about one month, I got pregnant. Other than some minor ailments, the pregnancy was a smooth journey. Our little one is now two years of age, and is a happy and content baby.
(Photos: Here is my testimonial – photo above of my daughter; my husband Divesh accompanies me in the Agnihotra practice.)
    Another experience we had was when a truck lost control as it drove down our driveway. The truck knocked down our wall and door at the entrance and damaged a garden bed. Beside the damage to our property, both, the driver and all of us remained uninjured by the accident, as the truck miraculously stopped in front of our garage!
    Whenever there is a sore/cut I apply the ash and it helps the wound to heal quickly.
Agnihotra creates a protective shield around the people doing it.
   Sending you love and light, Om Shree Om.

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