Martha Lucia Londoño Velasquez | Gastritis & Osteoarthritis

Armenia, Quindio, Colombia
South America


I am 60 years old and have lived in Armenia all my life. 15 days ago, I went to the Homa Medical Center “La Botica de la Abuela” (Grandma´s drugstore). I was invited by my friend Dr. Luz Stella Cruz. She told me about Homa Therapy, so I wanted to attend. I had 13 days without sleep and 14 days with a horrible migraine headache. I had suffered from gastritis for 25 years. I took the Agnihotra ash with faith. That night I did not have to take the ‘trazodone’ nor ‘amitriptyline’ pills.

Mrs. Martha Lucia giving her testimony at the Homa event in the SENA auditorium.

The next day I had no more gastritis and it seemed so strange that even my migraine headache was gone. I have not had since then more headaches or gastritis.

I also have osteo-arthritis, however I have not had any pain for the last 10 days and I can say that God is my witness. Now I do not take these drugs, I just do Agnihotra and take its ash. The only medicine I am still taking is for high blood pressure. Prof. Abel told me, that it is better to remove it slowly.

I was a person with a square mind that blew up very quickly. I was very psycho-rigid when it came to cleanliness and order in my house. Everything had its specific place. But Sebastian, who is a relative of my husband, a 20 years old boy, usually leaves a dirty glass or spoon, etc. in the sink, the package of junk food around, etc. at night. And the next day, I used to get up and say ‘I want to kill him. What is this mess? Why does he leave this trash around?’ After 2 days of taking the Agnihotra ash, I was going to say ‘I want to make jam out of him.’ But instead I said, ‘I will not say these things again against Sebastian. I bless him, I bless him, I bless him and I will accept him. He does not have to be like me. I cannot crucify others for my way of being’. That day, he told me ‘you look different’. I said ‘No, I am the same’. He said ‘Your face is different’.

Coincidentally, that morning at 11 o´clock, we still had not fixed the bedrooms, because the lady who helps me and I were very busy. But I told her, ‘Do not worry, we will get to it. There is no hurry, don’t worry’. Then my husband said, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to give you Agnihotra ash in the morning, at noon, in the evening and at all times’. I feel that my character has changed significantly. Also people who are around me are saying ‘Martha Lucia you have changed, you are so different. You’re not in the run and in such anguish and stress as you used to be’.

And the reality is: Yes, I think it is true and I feel I’ve taken 30 years off. I have no stress, I have no anxiety. I still don’t like disorder, but I’m no longer angry with that person. I do not want to make jam out of him. Now I want to bless the person. This is another blessing that has come to me through Agnihotra and its ash.

The doctor told me this morning to do squats and I did them without any pain. Then the doctor said, ‘You have no problem, I am sicker than you’. Then I said, ‘Next week I will bring you some medicine, so you will feel better than me’.

And my husband, who is very skeptical, said “I do not believe much, but if you believe, I believe”. I said “Just look at how well I feel”. He said “Precisely, that is what I mean”. I asked him about his pain in the knee, which is supposed to require a surgery. And I told him that he had not been taking his painkiller pills last night and the night before. Then he said he said: “you are right, I have not felt any pain again”. And just 20 minutes ago, on the phone, I asked him again ‘How is your knee?’ He said: “I feel like I am twenty years old. Nothing hurts”. I think my husband is one of the most skeptical. He said he would try to rush to join us for the Agnihotra in this event. He said: ‘I am very happy. I am without any pain.’

All this has happened in about 2 weeks. For 5 years I had to take the ‘trazodone’ and ‘amitriptyline’ in order to sleep. And when a quarter or half a pill didn´t work, I had to take a full one and even then, sometimes I would wake up at 2 am and had to take another pill. But I have not taken any pill in the last 13 days.

I have been taking the Agnihotra ash straight or with water. I’m not tired and I’m not stressed out. I have received a great blessing through Homa Therapy.

(In the photo above she is practising Agnihotra with Martha Elena and Lina during the Homa Event in the SENA Institute.)

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