Maria Teresa Amaya | Cancer

Maria Teresa Amaya
Popayán, Colombia, South America

       “I’m 65 years old. 7 years ago, I was living through the dreadful experience of chemotherapy.
    I had cancer, but I think, more than the cancer it was the chemotherapy which was killing me
. It made my existence absolutely difficult. I could not even open my eyes due to pain. The toxicity kept me in bed for 3 weeks.
I could not even speak. I was in horrible discomfort.   I also suffered from phlebitis (inflammation of the veins), where I got the chemicals injected. This was a horrible pain. I was really in very bad shape.

(Photo: Mrs. Maria Teresa Amaya giving her testimony in Popayan.)
My friends, who are my sisters in spirit, the Garzón sisters, took care of me. They took me to their house to see Prof. Abel. I came to know Homa Therapy and we practiced Agnihotra.
I was so excited immediately, because the change I felt was radical. I had not been able to open my eyes due to pain. I could not tolerate the light, which gave me a strong burning sensation. With the first Agnihotra, my eyes got healed. This was a radical healing. They did not hurt ever again. Then, on my own initiative, still thinking all might be just a trick, I took a little bit of Agnihotra and ghee, mixed it covertly without asking anyone and rubbed it on my arms over the hurting veins. I felt such a relief! Within 8 days, by applying this cream daily, my phlebitis was gone!
       In a second meeting with Abel, he told me that patients also consume the Agnihotra ash during their chemo treatment. I said right away ‘I’ll do it, I’ll try’. As I always carried a small bottle of grape juice with me, I added a spoonful of Agnihotra ash. The only bad thing was that these were the last chemotherapies, but I endured them without the discomfort. Awesome! Taking this Agnihotra ash with juice at the same time as the chemo was entering the vein, had absolutely miraculous effect. I never had this malaise again.
       I want to share my story, because really many women are suffering from cancers and I think this Homa Therapy should be practiced. It does not matter whether we believe or not. It is a biophysical reality. It acts on our body. Now, I’m in perfect health, I no longer have any sign cancer.”

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