Maria Elena Antolinez Ortega | Bone Fracture

Maria Elena Antolinez Ortega
Bucaramanga, Santander,
Colombia, South America

    I had an accident and I broke my knee. I was in a hospital for 15 days and I suffered stomach aches.
When I left the hospital, I met Miriam from the D’Pachamama restaurant. She invited me to a healing session with Agnihotra, which I attended and she gave me its healing ash.

Afterwards, she kept providing me with this Agnihotra ash for one year and I took it regularly with great results: I got thinner, my digestion got better, my hair grew and I went into meditation very easily. I did not meditate before, but I began to meditate.
Even though I did not practice this technique, but by simply taking the Agnihotra ash, my life was changed. It changed my digestion, it changed my body, it changed my mind.
I have only participated 3 times in the practice of Agnihotra, but tomorrow I will practice it with my own pyramid! I have been much attuned to Homa Therapy these days and it is wonderful! I’m very grateful! Because I really do notice the vibration, I can see at an energetic change is happening.
    My niece had a very strong colitis and I gave her one shot of Agnihotra ash and she healed completely.
Recently another very delicate girl suffering from the colon, went to D’Pachamama and took the Agnihotra ash and she was also healed.

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