Luz Arévalo | Depression

Luz Arévalo
Villavicencio, Meta,
Colombia, South America

      3 months ago, I separated from my husband. I felt very depressed as a woman and even as a mother, because my daughter blamed me for the separation. I am grateful to God and the Universe for these special and loving sisters, Dianita and Aura, who have introduced me into Homa Therapy.

I was invited to the Women’s Healing Circle, where I felt very welcome and where I got everything to start with Agnihotra.
Before going there, I was very sad and was crying. But after Agnihotra, I slept like a baby.
My daughter noticed some very positive changes in me and said:
"If that Fire was what made you change, I also want to go to this Homa Therapy."
 So she came to Agnihotra.
She came from Bogotá for 3 days and changed her behavior completely in less than 24 hours. Now she is loving. She hugs me, and every hour, she calls me to say “Mom I love you. Why did I lose so much time without your company? Why did I not value you then?”
It is beautiful to see that God is wonderful. I thank Him and the universe for this beautiful therapy.
I am new to Homa Therapy, but I am happy, happy and delighted. I want to travel everywhere sharing these Homa Fires in gratitude to God.

By the way, my daughter was suffering from severe headache and by participating in Agnihotra and taking its ash, it completely disappeared and she felt happy. This morning, my daughter called me and told me that her husband had asked her what was going for she was so different. My daughter replied: "I love my mom and I’m very happy".

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