José Serrano | Allergies

José Serrano
Churriana, Málaga,
Spain, Europe

      I am 67 years old. Since I was a child, I have always had allergy problems and I have related it to the atmospheric pollution and permanent contamination of our natural environment. I have been very sensitive to contamination in general terms. When I was a child, I sneezed a lot. It was something uncontrollable. At that time, there were no paper towels and I used to spend 7, 8 up to 10 handkerchiefs a day and then washed them for reuse on another day. I sneezed thousands and thousands of times.
   (Photo: Mr. José practicing Agnihotra.)

    The first medical interventions were Urbason injections, which relieved my situation a little, but it quite affected my kidneys, other organs, my digestion and other functions. When spring came or when I got close to a chemical product, I reacted with an allergic condition, and I would sneeze uncontrollably. I am speaking of a time almost 50 years back. I think that all this is part of the ongoing contamination.
Little by little, more modern medicines, such as antihistamines, appeared. At the beginning, there were the Polaramines, which were a relief, but did not cure. Later I went to an allergist, and there I was tested with punctures and then I was told that I was allergic to approx. 30 products. Among them, there were cow’s milk, olive tree pollen, animal hair, and a lot of things that were unavoidable in daily life. Anyway, when spring came around, I would continue to sneeze.
Later, the allergy got stronger and the allergist sent me a specific personified vaccine from a laboratory in Madrid, where it was prepared. Well, I was injected, but hardly noticed any improvement, just a little bit of relief. However, apart from that vaccine, I had to take the antihistamine too. Then came the product Ebastel, which was a much more effective antihistamine and I got some more relief, but the problem kept coming back again and again and it was the same thing every year.
Finally, in 2007, thanks to America and Josue, I got to know the Fires of Homa Therapy. At first, I barely paid attention to these. It was a new thing and I just didn’t understand it.
    But, it turned out that America and Josué lived for a little while with our family, so the Homa Therapy Fires were done regularly. And although I was participating in a passive way, little by little, I noticed that I was feeling better from a mental and nervous point of view and it seemed that these were influencing me positively.
Besides, it turned out that the HOMA smoke didn’t affect me. I was not at all sneezing with this smoke.
I could receive this smoke quite naturally, which is strange because I did not tolerate any fumes. When America and Josue left, then I started doing Agnihotra, myself. After a while, I felt better and then I linked my improvement with the practice of Agnihotra. So, I stopped with the vaccine, I stopped the antihistamines, I stopped everything else.
In addition, I also improved my diet and stopped eating meats. My healing has been progressive.

However, in my workplace they used very strong and aggressive chemicals for cleaning. Only there I still sneezed, while in the rest of the places I did not.
  Now I am retired and despite all the chemical things that are being sprayed upon us, thrown on the streets, markets and released into the atmosphere, I do not sneeze at all. I don’t have any allergy symptoms. I am happy and grateful.

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