Jessica Rosales’ Story

Piura, Peru
South America


“I lost my hearing 2 years ago. No medical cause could be found. My hearing organs are totally healthy. I have done resonances, topographies, there have been doctors’ meetings discussing my problem. I saw neurologists, I was in psychological treatment, but nothing was found which could explain my loss of hearing. Due to this I was very stressed out. I constantly screamed at my children, I was fighting with my mother and my husband. This problem created a very negative reaction in me; I was depressed and I felt sad.”

I have been attending the Homa Therapy sessions in the Hospital Reategui for the last 2 weeks and my attitude has changed totally. Now I say that my problem is nothing compared to others, there are so much worse things. Now I am happy and grateful to have life. Before I was pondering about not wanting to live, I was sad. But not now. For example, on Saturday I was very busy washing, on Sunday I dedicated myself to a thorough cleaning of my house in order to be able to attend Homa Therapy during the week. So I only need to feed my children at lunch and later I am able to come here.”

“Then on Sunday I was the whole day without my hearing aid at home. Voices I can hardly hear, but noise, on the contrary, seems to be very loud and that I feel damaging and it stresses me out. So on Sunday I was able to hear slightly the voices of my daughter and my mother. Normally without the hearing aid, I am not able to hear anything. When I washed the dishes I could hear slightly the running water. And now, just before coming I closed a drawer and I was able to identify the sound.”

“But the most important thing for me is that my state of mind has changed completely. Every day I open the Homa Therapy web site and inform myself a little more. Every day I understand more about this Therapy. I have put all my faith in its help in progressing. But it has changed my attitude, my state of mind, my form of being. Now I don’t discuss, I don’t fight, I can accept the things. With my children there is more affection, more love. That is the important thing. Even if I do not recover my hearing, it has helped me in my form of being, in my character.”

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