Javier Peñafiel | Degenerative Arthritis

Dr. Jaime Montufar
Homa Medical Center El Buen Pastor
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

    We are here with my patient Javier Peñafiel and his wife, Liz. The husband had degenerative arthritis; it just appeared a year ago that he came. He had been with 12 doctors and I was the 13th to serve him. He has made great progress with his health with the constant practice of Homa Therapy. His life has changed completely. He even has a different face and different thoughts. He got closer to nature. In addition to the daily practice of Agnihotra, he also practices Tryambakam Homa.

Javier Peñafiel, his wife Liz and 2 of their children practicing Agnihotra at the Homa Medical Center El Buen Pastor (right)

Javier Peñafiel:
Up to the 6th doctor, all experts in conventional medicine, no one could not give me a diagnosis. The 6th doctor ordered all exams to be done in the US and from there they sent me the diagnosis that Degenerative Arthritis was in my DNA, which means it is congenital.

It is not hereditary; I was born with it. Conventional medicine has no cure for this disease. They received medication for the symptoms. But these medications have serious side effects.
   The pain I had was so strong and constant that it made me bad humored and explosive. I was bedridden and couldn’t move. It hurt to be up, to be lying down and after 10 minutes it also hurt to be still.
   Now I came driving in my car. Before I couldn’t drive, not even sign a check, or write. Before they carried me to go down the stairs. Now my fingers can move perfectly. My feet can also move and can support me. Before, this was super difficult and painful. The pain was expressed in my face. At breakfast, I had a cocktail of 7 pills, I had 14 at lunch and again 9 pills in the afternoon, from Monday to Monday. I suffered from gastritis. My kidneys were affected. I urinated every 5 to 10 minutes and I couldn’t hold it, I had to run … I woke up at night more than 100 times, I couldn’t sleep. Thank God, we have a family business and I could stay in bed during most of the day. I couldn’t keep up regular activities.
I took these medications for about three months. Since I like to read and investigate, I realized how these negatively affected me with some side effects, such as chemical depression and anxiety. If I continued taking them, I could have diabetes, tuberculosis, etc. and in an extreme case, even a stroke.
   Just 2 years ago this arthritis had begun to manifest, it was in my DNA, but dormant. Stress, bacteria, etc. could have activated it.
   Now, I have been one year with Dr. Montufar and Homa Therapy and I am renewed. Actually, Homa Therapy is something very wonderful and the benefits that Homa Therapy produces are indescribable. The first time I did it, I had some concern, I wasn’t so sure about its’ effects. But when I was doing Agnihotra at the doctor’s clinic, I felt good and then when I got home, the pain started again. To get to the doctor I had to travel 50 minutes but I told my wife to take me. Even though I was upset, kicking, hysterical, insulting, I wanted to come. Because I felt good here, with peace. Now I value peace so much, peace is something gigantic.
In the second week with Agnihotra, my symptoms of depression and anxiety went away. It was very fast. It didn’t matter if I was here, I could also be in my house, quit and peacefully. And little by little I started taking on my activities again.

Liz comments:
   From the first day, we felt a peace with Agnihotra. My husband had a lot of faith in getting healing. In one week only, he changed. He had been very bad tempered, irritating and there was no way to communicate with him. He was tired all day long. The children did not even approach him anymore, in order not to disturb him. My husband had been such an active person and seeing him bedridden with depression, not wanting anything, was painful. Upon arriving here, we starting feeling a peace, a tranquility, a light. And little by little, he was improving his character, became again more loving with the children. The children were very happy. We came also closer as a family. We felt again the warmth and the love of a family.
More than anything, Homa Therapy not only helps in health, but in all areas like with the family, couple relationship, love for the children, at work, etc. Everything is flowing now and we even work together.

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