German Romero | Asthma

German Romero
Villavicencio, Meta,
Colombia, South America

     I have had the fortune and blessing of God to find Homa Therapy. For a long time, I was looking for a way to feel God. I was seeking that union with this wonderful being and with nature. I found it!

It came for me and my family in the form of Homa Therapy. We were practicing it for years. At the time we started, we had many health problems concerning our two daughters. They suffered a lot with the lungs. We have the pool next to the house but the girls could not use it because they would get sick. And our plants did not grow at all.
When we started to practice Homa Therapy, we noticed that our daughters began to sleep much better and they got cured of asthma. Their colds and flu began to disappear.
    Also our plants started to bloom. For many years, the trees had remained small because the soil is very bad. However, they began to grow and bear fruit. Now, we have a beautiful garden.
Our daughters grew and they are moms now. They carry these experiences in their hearts.
 Homa Therapy is a wonderful gift that will continue with me forever, because it has healed my body-mind. It helped to find myself with heaven, with nature, with life. And that I consider something very valuable.

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