Flor Paico | Anger, Aggression

Flor Paico
EsSalud Policlinic Carabayllo
Lima North, Peru

    I am 27 years old. I have three experiences with Homa Therapy. One with my son, another one with my husband and one with me.
       I was an angry, extremely angry and aggressive person. When my husband arrived at home after work, I was like crazy. I fought with him, because I could not stand him and I didn’t even know why.

       Since I’m coming to the Homa Therapy sessions with Dr. Jorge Torres, I’ve calmed down. I am more passive and understanding. I feel relaxed and more relieved. I like the Homa Fires, because I have experienced very nice things.
      My son was very violent in school. He is 13 years old. He had to change schools several times. One day I decided to take him to Dr. Torres, who advised me: "Do the Homa Fires!" Now I bring him to the Homa Therapy sessions and this year, he has been one of the best students. The teacher says that he is very attentive. Also, he does not fight any more and does not get expelled. He takes Agnihotra ash in his milk. We all (my husband, my son, and me) consume Agnihotra ash daily.

   My husband used to drink alcohol. Now he does no more. He doesn’t even know that I give him Agnihotra ash. That’s what I like – that he does not want to drink any more. That is why I come to the Homa Therapy sessions in the clinic."
(Photo: Flor Paico with Psychologist Dr. Jorge Torres.)

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