Dr Julio Cavero’s Story

Castilla, Piura, Peru
South America


“I learned about Homa Therapy through my brother Simon. He invited me to participate in the Homa healing sessions that take place in the EsSalud state Hospital “Reategui” in Piura. He called me in Lima and told me that HOMA Therapy was something very interesting and revolutionary because it can help to heal the body and mind and also plants, animals and the whole environment. It is capable to purify the environment and eliminate pollution.”

Photo: Dr Julio Cavero (far left) sharing Agnihotra at the Hospital Reategui in Piura.
“So I came to Piura, which is approx. 1000 km to the north of Lima, to attend Homa Therapy. I had a flu that was aggravated with labyrinthitis, which makes me very dizzy and I am not able to do many things. I was taking medicines. The doctor said, it would take about one month to get better with these medicines. I only had taken them for 4 days when I went to the Hospital Reategui. I did Agnihotra with my own pyramid and there were about two tables filled with Agnihotra fires. I chanted the Mantra with faith and placed my hands above the fire and then I put them on my ears to transfer the heat. The very same night when I went to sleep, I realized that I was not dizzy any more, even if I would move my head quickly from one side to the other. I no longer had to take the pills and the vertigo is gone. I also take the Agnihotra ash and I feel really good. I feel happy, because with my Agnihotra kit I can help myself and help the environment.”

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