Dr Apolinar Tenorio Collantes’ Healing

Jaen, Cajamaraca, Peru
South America


“I am 50 years old and I had psoriasis that began a year and half ago. The skin started to change color, then it began to itch and then it spread quickly, like an explosion, especially on the arms, then it appeared on the legs. I was very worried. I thought that it was cancer. The medical doctors form the clinic San Pablo in Lima told me that it was psoriasis.”

“They prescribed me some ointment that they themselves prepared. I bought two bottles of that ointment, thinking that this was enough to get healed. The second time I went there I bought ninety bottles of this ointment for $25 each and nothing happened. I felt desperate, because the psoriasis also appeared in my hands. And I must say that I never had felt rejection before, but when I wanted to shake hands with my friends they took their hand away. Then I was very worried because I felt excluded.”

Dr. Apolinar practicing sunset Agnihotra

“At that time I meet with Eng. Luis Tafur, whose help I appreciate a lot. I told him that I really could not work any longer, that this disease also had become a great psychological problem. Then he told me that Homa Therapy has helped him and that his problems were worse than mine. I asked him, how I could learn this. He said that he will invite some friends who travel all over the world teaching Agnihotra. I asked him, ‘when can they come? I will sell everything I have, if necessary, to bring them over here, because health is the most important.”

“So we learned Homa Therapy and I did Agnihotra for 2 months and I also applied the Agnihotra ash cream. Although I was not doing it regularly, 90% of the psoriasis has disappeared.”

“We have seen other miracles and we have started a Homa Center in Jaén where people come daily to do Agnihotra and receive healing. I recommend that people practice Agnihotra and then help others to get cured, because the world is full of sick people.”

“Now I feel happy and I have learned that money is not everything. And I have a slogan: Health and Freedom, the rest is silence.”

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