Dolores Vélez | Osteomyelitis

Dolores Vélez
Playas, Ecuador
South America

     What I am going to tell you is something I did not want to remember anymore.
But sometimes, you have to speak up so that people have faith. My son had a disease that  was considered practically incurable. The diagnosis was "Osteomyelitis in both legs"
 However, my faith in God and the help of good friends, like Sonia Hunter, brought Homa Therapy to us.

(Photo: Sonia Hunter with the son of her friend Dolores.)

When a mother has a sick child, she does anything. At that time, I was accompanying my son to a Clinic in the South of Guayaquil. Since Sonias’ Homa Center is in the North, I left the clinic running to go to  Homa Therapy every day.
    I got my Agnihotra ash and gave it to my son with so much faith.

       In order not to extend the story, my son was cured. He got healed!
The Medical Doctor could not believe it because his case had no cure.
And what’s more, the Doctor called me to ask me what I had done and how I had done it, so he could apply this to others who were in the same situation.

  Today, my son is a young man. What I am telling you happened 9 years ago.
I had so much faith in Homa Therapy and Agnihotra ash which I gave to him until he was cured. .

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