Carlos Perfecto’s Healing

Vinces, Ecuador
South America

weedicide poisoning
muscular atrophy

“My brother Carlos is 49 years old. The diagnosis given was muscular atrophy. Until 3 years ago, he worked on a farm fumigating with glyphosate weedicide. He has attended Agnihotra approximately 10 times. He could not move his feet, but he has started moving them now. He could not move his head, he could not show his tongue. We gave him water to drink with a straw, but he could not take it. He could not eat anything hard. Now he can.”

Carlos (left – sitting in wheelchair) attending with his brother and sister the Agnihotra session at the Homa Farm “Zenaida”.
He is very grateful for his quick improvement with Homa Therapy, since no doctor could help him or gave him hope for any kind of improvement. He used to stir the glysophate solution with his arms, before fumigating the crop with it.

“He is taking the Agnihotra ash and he comes everyday for sunrise and sunset Agnihotra.”

(Note: Mr. Carlos and relatives travel for two and a half hours in the morning and two and a half hours in the evening to participate in the healing Agnihotra fire in the Homa Center.)

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