Blanca Hernandez’ Healing

Bogota, Colombia
South America

skull fracture
muscular spasm
leg and arm pain

“What I felt is really unbelievable. Yesterday, when I came for the first time to the healing Homa fires, my arms and legs were hurting. I was suffering with insomnia. I usually go to bed at one o’clock at night and still cannot sleep. In spite of the medical treatment, I have been suffering from dizziness and vertigo due to an accident where my skull was fractured. I have had a severe cranial injury in the year 2000.”

“But, last night, after having participated in Agnihotra, my eyes got heavy at 8 pm. I slept very, very well till my children woke me up at 8 am. Furthermore, I feel no more pain, not in my legs and not in my arms. The tension in the neck, which seemed to be a spasm, I do not feel it any more either. I feel so good and today I could participate in the Yoga-Mantra-Meditation-Homa workshop. I did not have dizziness or vertigo or any other problem. Only yesterday, I participated in Agnihotra and took its ash. So this is unbelievable, but it is true. I am sure this happened because of the Agnihotra ash, which I took home. That’s all I was taking.”

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