Beatriz Rangel | Allergic Rhinitis

Beatriz Rangel
Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia, South America

      I suffered from allergic rhinitis and continuous headache. My eyes were affected and my nose was constantly clogged. I always was taking pills, syrups, all kinds of anti-allergens.
When I went to the doctor and he said: "You will have to be operated on." I had the septum deviated, but that was not such a serious thing to provoke all these symptoms.
Then I learned about Homa Therapy two years ago when Prof. Abel gave a presentation in the city.

Mr. Audo took me there. When I arrived there, I told Audo that I had to leave because I cannot resist the air conditioning, the fans, or any of these. But he replied: “Do not leave, get closer to the pyramid and see how the smoke will ease your problems.”
(Photo: Mrs. Beatriz Rangel giving her testimony at ‘Los Fundadores’ Park.)
The Homa presentation lasted about 2 hours and when I left, I could breathe freely through my nose.
Due to that experience, I bought my Agnihotra kit. I started doing Agnihotra every day at sunrise and at sunset. I had suffered with this rhinitis all my life. I have had problems with the bronchi since I was little. I could not withstand the cold winter.
When I started doing the Agnihotra every day and took its healing ash, I started to feel better. I put this ash also in water and took the clear top part with a dropper and put them inside my nostrils. Besides, another benefit was that I started cleaning and fixing the house, because I was so happy and I was reliefed from these problems.    

Then I went to the Doctor again and told him what I was doing and how I felt.
 The doctor examined me and then said: “It is incredible, what was black inside, now has a rosy color as it should be.” And further on he also said: “If you want the surgery, we will do it, but if you don’t want it, that is alright too.” I did not go back again to see the doctor.

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