Amol Desai | Allergy

(Photo: Mr. Amol Desai)

Amol Desai
Bombay, India       

  I’ve been practicing Agnihotra for almost 20 years. My newborn son was affected by some allergy problems and the doctors had prescribed some medicines, which were very harmful. They were supposed to be applied in the space in between the fingers. But as a newborn, we could not stop him from taking his fingers into his mouth. So, we decided  not to apply these medicines.
Instead of that, we just applied the very safe Agnihotra ash
on the affected areas.
Within a weeks’ time, the allergy had disappeared.

  There was another medicine that I made with Agnihotra ash, lime, cows’ ghee and honey. This I used to give my son, who was suffering from Asthma, chronic cough and colds. I stopped giving him antibiotics and gave him instead this medicine and that worked well. After 2 months, he got healed completely.
   I teach Agnihotra. Whatever Agnihotra ash is generated, we use it to purify the wáter, we boil it together with the ash. We also use it for small cuts or bruises. All excess ash we collect for use in organic farming.

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