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Amelia Montoya's Story

Vinces, Ecuador
South America


"I was diabetic. My glucose level was 400, 300, 250 and now it is 117 and 90. Now, I am taking the Agnihotra ash with water and I have been doing Agnihotra in the Homa farm "Zenaida" for two and a half months. Now, the last test shows that my glucose is 117. The doctors didn't believe it and they ordered new tests 3 times and this last test was sent to Guayaquil. Finally they said that it was OK. I was suffering with diabetes for 10 years. I also had calcification in the feet and my bones hurt and I could not walk. I walked like an old lady. Now, there is no pain."

"I also had not menstruated for 9 years. Now I menstruate and the doctor tells me that I can get pregnant. I am 39 years old. I also had a knot in the throat and some friends told me that someone had harmed me with witchcraft. I went to the doctors, but they didn't help me. I used to spit thick phlegm at night. I could not go to bed, because I could not breathe. Now, I can sleep and I am very well."

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