Maria del Pilar Isidro Villamisar | Osteosarcoma

Maria del Pilar Isidro Villamisar
Bucaramanga, Colombia, South America

        "I am 53 years young. I came to know Homa Therapy in the US in 2008, when my daughter was diagnosed with osteo-sarcoma. This is a bone cancer which was  in my daughters’ femur, in her right leg. At that time she was 17 years old.
  A friend connected me to a doctor here in Bucaramanga, who taught us the practice of Homa Therapy and we started doing it.
    In the treatment of my daughter, which was done in Bogota, several miraculous things happened. Her tumor was very large.   It had the size of a tennis ball and it was encapsulated.

(Photo: Mrs. Maria del Pilar Isidro sharing her testimony.)
She received chemotherapy and with her first treatment, I started doing Agnihotra. When we went for the second treatment, the tumor had decreased considerably. However, my daughter was a candidate for a total femur transplant.
  Today it has been 8 years and my daughter has not one single malignant cell in her body. We testify that this has been miraculous, because my daughter, at the time she was diagnosed, she was told she had 15 days to live.

   There are several things I want to highlight about this Homa Therapy.
– While I did the Homa fires, I was purifying also myself as my daughter was improving.
– I was struggling to finish my marriage. We had 22 years of marriage and already for 10 years I had tried to get out of it. I did all the Homa Fires with much discipline. I was told that whatever  is not meant for me will leave. And so it happened! Now, I have seven happy years behind me.    This resolution of my problematic marriage apparently also helped my daughter considerably in her recovery.
     I am a university professor, but I am also a woman of international business.  As a result of my practice of  Homa Therapy, I put everything in the hands of the universe, so God’s Holy Will be done in my life. And everything has been wonderful. I am the dean of a faculty of a University in Bucaramanga and with the help of Homa
Therapy, today I have 400 students.
      Homa Therapy for me is magical, because only what is for you comes, and what is not leaves immediately. I do these healing Fires every day and also take the Agnihotra ash daily. Thank you very much."

Ivan Andres Cotina | Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ivan Andres Cotina
Popayan, Colombia, South America
(Photo: Ivan Andres (left) with Prof. Pedro Henry Ariza)

        "I am 23 years old. When I got the diagnosis JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis), my health was declining fast. I had been a perfectly normal young man. I did a lot of sports. This was something I liked a lot. But, practically in one year, I was in bed and I could not move. My body was swollen and all joints hurt. I could not even eat because of the pain.

  I could not do anything. In my house, everyone was desperate. They also suffered a lot with my pain. My mom, whenever she heard about any recommended remedy, she made it for me or took me to any doctor and to all kinds of things.
     For some reason, I heard on the radio, that Prof. Abel was coming to town with Homa Therapy. My mom was eager to get me there. But, because I could not move, it was very difficult. Some neighbors of mine, very good friends, decided to bring me on a bicycle. I sat on the bike and they pushed it and brought me here. That was torture for me, because I could not even bear to be touched, due to the swelling of my body. We arrived late. We arrived when the therapy was almost finishing. At that moment, the Agnihotra ash was handed out. For me it was somewhat strange, but I was so tired from the trip, so I sat down and also received Agnihotra ash.
   Five minutes after taking the Agnihotra ash, something impressive happened – I felt the desire to get up, I did and I could stand by myself!           When I left this place, I went by bicycle, but I returned alone, riding it!

So far, standing on my feet
and bending my knees was something I had not been able to do.
 For me, that was something totally strange, because I had come unable to stand, unable to walk, or do anything like this for a long time. But thereafter, my recovery process began. The swelling of my body began to diminish.With the help of the Agnihotra ash, I began to gain control over my body. The exams, my doctors do, seem always good.
          I lead practically a normal life. I can walk, run. Yes, Homa Therapy has sustained me so far and I keep practicing it.
             And another truth, about 6 months ago I joined a dance academy. Now, I dance salsa and it feels very good.

    My thanks to Professor Pedro Henry Ariza, who has been a very important person in my life. If it was not for him and the Homa Therapy session he did and does here in the SENA weekly, I would not be standing here today. Thank you!"

Estela Rodríguez | Migraine Headache

Estela Rodríguez
Armenia, Colombia,
South America

    "My experience is, that I have suffered for more than 20 years from a terrible migraine headache.
     Many Doctors treated me, but I never got healed. I was always told that this will be a lifelong problem and it had no cure.
      Yesterday, I went to the Agnihotra ceremony at the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It was outdoors under a tremendous sun. I had no umbrella, or anything to protect me from that extreme heat. I cannot bear heat and I thought I was going to die. I was for 2 hours under this sun. It was 13:30 and I had not eaten anything. This is another thing I cannot do, because being hungry also increases my headache. But I spent the whole day without migraine. What a great experience!  I’ve been coming to the Agnihotra sessions for 2 months. I consume its ash and I’m perfectly fine."  
(Photo: Mrs. Estela Rodriguez giving her testimony in the crowded auditorium during the Homa Festival.)

Luz Mery Mora | Thyroid

Luz Mery Mora
Armenia, Colombia
South America

      "I had a thyroid problem. I took medicines for 6 years. When I began to feel a kind of generalized anxiety, I had to go to a psychiatrist. I woke up feeling panic and very cold.
I visited many doctors, but they said that I was well in spite of these horrible crises with anguish.
   The psychiatrist asked me if I wanted to die, but I told him that I had no problems, not with love or work and that I did not know why I was like this. The endocrinologist sent me for examinations and prescribed me with medication for Hypothyroidism. He said that I needed to take thyroxin pills for the rest of my life.

       When I started the practice Homa Therapy 4 years ago,  I was able to stop taking those pills. I love it and I often participate in the Homa sessions in Botica Sol.
    I feel very calm and relaxed. Nothing hurts. I do not feel anxiety nor panic.
And my hands are warm. Now, I think that, if people are well energetically – because our body is energy – then we are healthy.
     My husband also took thyroxin, because he had the same thyroid problem. He also stopped taking these pills. He feels good just taking Agnihotra ash.
   A friend, a bacteriologist, told me that before practicing Homa Therapy, she had problems, her children could not find work, etc. But when she started doing the Homa fires, things got organized and went smooth.
    I can confirm this from my personal experience. My son is an engineer in telecommunications. When he finished his specialization, he could not find work. He was quite depressed and wondered why he had studied at all? I said to him: ‘Have patience, with the Homa fires everything goes well.’ And without any doubt, everything always falls into balance with the practice of Homa Therapy."

(Photo: Mrs. Luz Mery Mora)