Sara Bustamante Muñoz | Biliary Atrophy

Sara Bustamante Muñoz
Playas de Vinces, Ecuador, South America

   I am going to tell you something very beautiful and wonderful about Homa Therapy. I have a grandson, Dilan, who is now 3 years old. When he was born up to one month, he was a normal baby. But from the second month onward, he began to show yellow skin and his stool was white. So, we took him to the doctor and all the tests were done and, in the end, the diagnosis was biliary atrophy.
They said the child was born that way with dry bile ducts, dry gallbladder and dry ducts. Then, the baby entered for treatment to the Roberto Gilbert Children’s Hospital in Guayaquil.
There they performed the first operation. But unfortunately, this first operation did not solve the problem. So, the doctors said that he needs a liver transplant. But in Ecuador these transplants are not done for babies, only for adults. Continue reading “Sara Bustamante Muñoz | Biliary Atrophy”