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Sangeeta Sharma's Healing

Dhamnod, District: Dhar
Madhya Pradesh, India

Skin disease

"I am 44 years old. I suffered from a skin disease and allergy for over 15 years. I was allergic to the sun and my skin was itching. The regular conventional medical treatment was not helping me. With the practice of Homa Therapy I got healed.

"I started Agnihotra, but did not do it regularly, so it took me almost 2 years. I only would place my hands over the fire and put the heated hands over the areas where I had the problem. When I did this, the itching stopped right away. I never took the Agnihotra ash and neither applied it. Now I have no more itching, no rashes, my skin is clear and normal.

"I also had some boils in the lower back, which I treated the same way and they reduced in size. Also, I feel mentally very peaceful now and my spiritual awareness has increased. My daughter used to get irritated quickly before practicing Agnihotra and now she doesn't. People, who come to my home, feel like they are in a temple. Almost everyone says that they feel better here. If everybody starts to do Agnihotra in her/his house, the world would be a better place."

Sangeeta's husband, Prakash, says, "Everything my wife said is true. Agnihotra brings positive energy into the house and takes away the negative ones. Both of us are Reiki Masters and that positive energy helps us to do our work good. Usually in Reiki we channel the energy from the Universe for healing. With Agnihotra, the positive energies are created all around us in the atmosphere and it becomes so easy to harness it and pass it on to the patient for healing."

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