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Skin disease

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Sridam Roy's Story

Bangalore, Karnataka

Skin disease

"Jeevan, a 12 year old boy lives in one of the villages surrounding the Art of Living Ashram near Bangalore. At the age of one month he developed a skin disorder which progressively worsened over the years. He was covered with sores and rashes which would bleed, causing immense pain and discomfort."

Pooja Jain's Story

Parola, District: Jalgaon,
Maharashtra, India

Penicillin-cephalosporin allergy

Pooja is 13 years old. She was afflicted with this allergy at the age of 5 years after receiving cephalosporin injection by mistake. For 8 years her parents were trying for a cure. They consulted 21 doctors during that period. Doctors’ bills amounted to Rs 120,000 ($2,700). No-one was able to help her.

Esther Murillo Davila de Lumba's Story

Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru
South America

leucoderma (vitiligo)

"I would like to report a testimony that actually happened to my brother-in-law. He has a farm nearby in Perla, in 'Buena Esperanza' One of his friends presented a skin depigmentation problem called Vitiligo. The skin on her forehead and the hands was becoming white and she had a lot of those white spots."

Mangilal's Healing

Pala Palasia, District: Khargone
Madhya Pradesh, India


55 years old Mangilal has been suffering from eczema for 25 years. Each day his skin was flaking 150g. He constantly took medication, both allopathic and ayurvedic.

Dr Jessie Merckl's Story

Santa Fe,
New Mexico, USA

Skin Cancer

"Recently I have noticed a small growth on the side of my head, thick, black in colour, about the size of a coin."

Sangeeta Sharma's Healing

Dhamnod, District: Dhar
Madhya Pradesh, India

Skin disease

"I am 44 years old. I suffered from a skin disease and allergy for over 15 years. I was allergic to the sun and my skin was itching. The regular conventional medical treatment was not helping me. With the practice of Homa Therapy I got healed.

Paul Kennedy's Story

NSW, Australia

Skin Cancer

"I had a skin cancer on my nose about 2 cm in size. Doctors told that it could not be burnt off. It would have to be cut out. Followed by plastic surgery."

Manuela Szcypior's Story



"One of our neighbors was working on the water cooling system of a motor vehicle. It somehow exploded and he was burned all over the body with boiling water. This happened in summer. His whole upper body, hands, etc. were scalded."

Feliz Gustavo Amarillo's Healing

Bogota, Colombia
South America


Dr. Navarro, a Homeopathic Doctor from Bogota, treated Feliz and many other patients with Agnihotra ash.

Dr Apolinar Tenorio Collantes' Healing

Jaen, Cajamaraca, Peru
South America


"I am 50 years old and I had psoriasis that began a year and half ago. The skin started to change color, then it began to itch and then it spread quickly, like an explosion, especially on the arms, then it appeared on the legs. I was very worried. I thought that it was cancer. The medical doctors form the clinic San Pablo in Lima told me that it was psoriasis."

Renzo Eduardo González Zapata's Story

Piura, Peru
South America

fungal infection

"I had a tumor since childhood on my throat and as I was growing the tumor was growing, and it began to create some obstruction in the respiratory passages. The doctors were saying that the only option was surgery."

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