Homa Healing Sessions, Paul Nogier Polyclinic, Lima, Peru

Patients of the “Paul Nogier Polyclinic” in Carabayllo, Lima, Peru, South America are sharing their experiences after participating in the Homa Therapy sessions with Monk Chen.

Mrs. Elisa Pacheco: We did Agnihotra, the sacred fire and I took the healing ash home to give to my daughter and my two grandchildren, who had quite a flu. It helped them a lot and quickly, especially to my grandson who couldn’t breathe and couldn’t expel phlegm. After 3 days, he is doing very well. My granddaughter says that she feels stronger and more energetic after taking the Agnihotra ash. Continue reading “Homa Healing Sessions, Paul Nogier Polyclinic, Lima, Peru”

Aswini | My Experiences with Agnihotra

Mr. Aswini
Sri Sri Ravishankar Punjab Ashram, India

     My age is 51. I have been practicing Agnihotra since 2004. Now, we are in the Somayag 2017.
   My first experience I had with Agnihotra was when I went to Lujana, my hometown and my cousin sister said that she was not able to see. She had trouble in her eyesight, it was a sudden trouble. But previously she had been all right.
So we did evening Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa and after that she could see fine and was perfectly well.

(Photo: Mr. Aswini in Maheshwar Goshala participating in the Somayag.) Continue reading “Aswini | My Experiences with Agnihotra”