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Joint pain

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Kamla Kanayalal Motwani | Depression, Fibromyalgia

Kamla Kanayalal Motwani
Malaga, Spain

     "I am a nurse and holistic therapist. At the time when I was practicing Agnihotra I had many patients with joint pain. Some patients also had serious problems with depression and fibromyalgia.   The pain was one day in the arm, another day it was on leg or in the back, and sometimes it appeared even on the hair.
      I gave Agnihotra ash with ghee to a woman with this problem and the pain was gone.
     I could not believe it, because I did not know that Agnihotra could create a kind of healing.
The pain did not just disappear, but this woman was cured.

Maria Cecilia Salazar's Story

Armenia, Colombia
South America

leg pain

"I am 63 years old. I could not sleep because of the pain in one leg and did not know how to place it in order to sleep and I also suffered from gastritis."

Marlene Zapata's Story

Armenia, Colombia
South America

breast pain

"I have come about 8 times to Homa Therapy. I was very sick and my breast hurt. Before I took many medicines but they did not help."

Mani Grisales' Story

Armenia, Colombia
South America

joint pain
muscular pain

"I am 55 years old. Before, I hurt all over, my back, my arms, the whole body. I went to the doctors and they prescribed me acetaminophen. That did not help. I suffered for 5 years from these pains. The right leg used to get swollen and the pain in my knee would not let me do anything. I was in very bad shape."

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