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Rajivbai Sheru's Healing

Machalpur Khurd, Dist: Khargone

poor eyesight
Sarvajit Paranjpe writes:
When Agnihotra was introduced to Machalpur Khurd village by our Agnihotra Awareness team, during the program people were enthusiastic but didn’t start Agnihotra as they thought that it might be too difficult to manage the exact timings of sunrise and sunset.

Later on, during our visit to the farmer’s house, Rajivbai was very keen to start Agnihotra, although being illiterate created difficulty for her in reading the time table and clock. Nevertheless she started doing Agnihotra and is very happy and enthusiastic about it. She suffered from very poor eyesight.

Women from the village, as a matter of routine, sew for their whole family. Rajivbai needed to wear her glasses to thread the needle. Then once by accident she managed to thread the needle without her glasses. She was astonished by this. She did this again and again; the same thing happened. She realized that this was the effect of Agnihotra. Mrs. Rajivbai´s eyesight has improved; she is healthy and performs Agnihotra regularly and also has helped more people in town to start the Agnihotra healing fire.