Asthma, Cancer, Heart Disease, Kidney Failure, Addiction, Hypertension, Stroke, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Allergy, Paralysis

Karla Martinez' Story

Athens, Georgia

ovarian cysts

"Agnihotra has really helped us very much and we want to introduce it into our community.
We are a family of 5, my husband, Miguel, my three children (9, 5 and 3 years old) and me. Practising Agnihotra has been a blessing, for we have been looking for the last years for techniques to meditate and to send energy to the planet. Since we do Agnihotra our health has improved very much."

"One of my daughters, the 5 year old, had asthma, but since we practise Agnihotra her health has improved greatly. She no longer gets sick like before, especially during winter time when she suffered from bronchitis and pneumonia. The whole family is very well. We had suffered for many years from some black magic done on us and it affected us with illnesses, economic problems and problems with people. But since we started to practise Agnihotra, everything has changed. We feel a very big protection and people treat us very kindly. The problems are gone and we are also well economically. I had problems with cysts in the ovaries. Now, I do the Agnihotra fire and take the Agnihotra ash and this problem is gone. The children really enjoy the fires very much and they sleep very well. We feel such a big Peace in our home.
Our dream is to teach Homa Therapy and have a group of people sharing the healing fires. It is something so good for the planet and for all of us."