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Noma Cosmos Story

New Mexico, USA


Noma Cosmos, 74 years of age, came to her first Agnihotra meeting in Albuquerque with a walking frame that also served at the same time as a wheelchair. Her hand was bandaged, due to an operation that had left her with pain and without the strength to hold a glass or do anything with her hand. She was suffering from pain all over her body for more than three years, but specially her back and arms hurt after an accident.

Renzo Gambirazio's Story

Palm Beach,
Florida, USA

Multiple Allergies

Renzo's mother tells the story: "My son Renzo suffered from multiple allergies and he could not eat anything."

Donna Scott's Healing

Santa Clarita
California, USA


"I used to live in Virginia. I was very sick with asthma. I went to the top pulmonary specialists at the University of Virginia. They showed me an X-ray of my lungs which were completely black except for a little clear spot the size of a coin."

Ray Becerra's Story

Florida, USA

Asthma, Sciatica

"I arrived here with a very severe pain of the sciatic nerve. I am also a chronic asthmatic. I never forget to carry the asthma spray. And I have another physical sign or deformation that is called 'chicken chest.' Only people who have suffered from this illness for more than 20, 25 years have it. I was born with asthma. Asthma is not the only problem. I am also allergic to smoke."

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