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Brain Damage

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Catalina Pacheco's Story

South America


"Due to a stroke, which came without a previous warning from one day to the other, and thanks to him I could see the other side of this physical life, I was unconscious for 17 days. I was transferred in an ambulance to the capital Santiago, where I was interned in the Clinic of the Catholic University where 5 doctors had gathered to study my case."

Fanita Mendoza de Perez' Story

Piura, Peru
South America

“Richardson-Steele-Olszewski” Syndrome

In the year 2000, Fanita suffered an automobile accident. Slowly, she was recovering from the accident, but she could not walk nor stand. In 2002, she traveled to France where further tests were done. She was diagnosed with the so-called “Richardson-Steele-Olszewski” Syndrome, an irreversible motor dysfunction caused by damage to certain nervous cells in the brain. She was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

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