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Accident Trauma

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Amparo Morato Lopez' Story

Bogota, Colombia
South America

accident trauma
broken bone

"I am 42 years old. At the moment, we are in the community hall of Santa Barbara, the new Homa Center of Bogota. I had a car accident that left some after effects in my body. My arm (the radial and ulnar bones) was hurt."

Blanca Hernandez' Healing

Bogota, Colombia
South America

skull fracture
muscular spasm
leg and arm pain

"What I felt is really unbelievable. Yesterday, when I came for the first time to the healing Homa fires, my arms and legs were hurting. I was suffering with insomnia. I usually go to bed at one o'clock at night and still cannot sleep. In spite of the medical treatment, I have been suffering from dizziness and vertigo due to an accident where my skull was fractured. I have had a severe cranial injury in the year 2000."

Noma Cosmos Story

New Mexico, USA


Noma Cosmos, 74 years of age, came to her first Agnihotra meeting in Albuquerque with a walking frame that also served at the same time as a wheelchair. Her hand was bandaged, due to an operation that had left her with pain and without the strength to hold a glass or do anything with her hand. She was suffering from pain all over her body for more than three years, but specially her back and arms hurt after an accident.

Dilip Patil's Story

Amalner, District: Jalgaon
Maharashtra, India

Accident trauma

"I have so many experiences with Agnihotra and its healing ash."

Manuela Szcypior's Story



"One of our neighbors was working on the water cooling system of a motor vehicle. It somehow exploded and he was burned all over the body with boiling water. This happened in summer. His whole upper body, hands, etc. were scalded."

Hernan Leon Covarrubias' Story

Cochiguaz, Chile
South America

accident trauma

"Hernan was run over brutally by a van on the highway and thrown far from the road. This accident happened due to his drug addiction. After having spent l8 days in the hospital, unconscious without remembering his name and without being able to speak, he was rescued by his parents and taken to their home."

Saby Celeste Jaramillo's Healing

Guayquil, Ecuador
South America

bone fracture

"Two years ago I had an accident and I fell from a height of five feet while I was putting a shelf on the kitchen wall. My mom wanted to help me get to my feet again, but I told her not to touch my arm for it was broken."

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